Rescue Shelter Donation Needs


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Rescue shelters rely heavily on donations from generous people like yourself. Money is a great way to contribute. However, it can be more efficient to purchase items and deliver them directly to the shelter.

Many shelters will list donation needs on their website. You may even find an Amazon wishlist, which will drop ship purchased donations straight to the shelter. Super convenient!

Donation needs may also appear posted to social media. Pay attention to a shelter's posts for specific needs as they arise.

If your favorite shelter doesn't have a list published online, here's a few suggestions to help you out.

Common Donation Needs

Be sure to keep those receipts so you can take advantage of any tax benefits.

On behalf of all shelters, thank you for your generosity! Know that you will be making life a little more comfortable for a needy dog or cat.

Peace, Love, and Paws.

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