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We offer our site as a resource for your rescue shelter

How can we help?

Totes Pets provides a variety of volunteer services to any non-profit animal rescue shelter. Contact us to discuss how we can help promote, or raise awareness, for your shelter.


The internet is rich with moving stories, everyday people doing extraordinary things to save an animal. Pets doing amazing things for humans. Our site strives to be informational, educational, and inspirational. We would love to share the amazing things that your rescue organization has witnessed or accomplished. Perhaps you have a long stay or special needs animal that you'd like featured on our home page. We'll interview, write, and publish your story in our articles section, as well as share the story on all of our social media outlets.

Event Promotion

Events are a great way to gather your communities for a good cause. Whether it's a fundraiser, celebration, or just a good excuse to run a 5k, we want to tell everyone about it. Totes Pets would love to help with the announcement and promotion of your big events. Combine this with our photography service, and you have a formula for success.

Photography (Central Texas area only)

You need high quality pictures to help promote your available dogs and cats. We offer onsite photography services to suit your needs. Capturing a pet's personality and their "good side" is our specialty. Your organization can use these images to showcase your animals and enhance your marketing materials. Since this service requires us to be at your shelter or event, we can only offer this service to shelters in the Central Texas area.

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